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Movie review by Greg Carlson Steven Soderbergh’s “Bubble” will undoubtedly be remembered more for the circumstances surrounding its distribution than for its content or cinematic quality.  Debuting simultaneously this week in theaters, on pay-per-view, and on DVD, Soderbergh seems to be offering a direct challenge to the traditional expectation of a window between theatrical run […]

The New World

Movie review by Greg Carlson The myth of Pocahontas is simultaneously durable and sketchy, and perhaps this is part of its appeal.  Filmmaker Terrence Malick’s treatment of the story necessitates a great deal of invention, but the final impact of his fourth feature “The New World” is somewhat disappointing when lined up against his other […]

Glory Road

Movie review by Greg Carlson Yet another entry in Disney’s lineup of sports movies based on real events, “Glory Road” joins “Remember the Titans,” “The Rookie,” and “Miracle” as a mostly enjoyable – if not altogether penetrating – exercise in history at the movies.  In other words, beyond the central fact that the 1965-66 Texas […]

Paradise Now

Movie review by Greg Carlson An often harrowing study of a pair of young Palestinians intending to carry out a suicide bombing mission in Israel, Hany Abu-Assad’s “Paradise Now” is simultaneously a tense thriller and a meditation on the absurdity of the ultimate self sacrifice.  The production of a movie interested in dealing with this […]