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Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

Movie review by Greg Carlson Once its cult bona fides were established at the 2002 Butt-Numb-A-Thon (when Eli Roth presented a VHS dub to Harry Knowles as a birthday gift), the adaptation of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” made by kids over the better part of a decade in the 1980s enjoyed a run of […]

All My Future Crimes: Prince and Batman

Movie reflection by Greg Carlson Following “Sign o’ the Times,” his third theatrically-released feature as performer and second as director, Prince’s next cinematic surprise was the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s juggernaut “Batman” in 1989. Unfortunately, the prolific artist did not appear in the film, even though I recall discussing with friends the wildly nerdy notion […]

The Lobster

Movie review by Greg Carlson Pitch-black absurdist Yorgos Lanthimos uncorks another of his signature brain-scramblers in “The Lobster,” an allegorical examination and satire of human behavior framed by the filmmaker’s speculative imagination. As divisive as any of his previous films, “The Lobster” marks the Greek auteur’s first principally English-language feature, as well as his first […]

Sign o’ the Times

Movie reflection by Greg Carlson The third theatrically released feature starring Prince, as well as his second directorial effort, “Sign o’ the Times” remains a concert film par excellence. The movie’s curious production history has been marked by stories that the vast majority of the visual content was captured at Paisley Park when footage from […]