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Yes Man

Movie review by Greg Carlson No.

Seven Pounds

Movie review by Greg Carlson With the release of “Seven Pounds,” superstar Will Smith earns the distinction of appearing in two of the year’s worst films. Along with “Hancock,” “Seven Pounds” makes a strong case that the charismatic performer has been taking ego-inflation lessons from pal Tom Cruise. Even so, Smith did not attain his […]

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Movie review by Greg Carlson Robert Wise’s 1951 “The Day the Earth Stood Still” is a touchstone of the science fiction genre. A smart, well-paced movie that has managed to transcend the handful of elements that are now outdated (in particular, the “gee whiz” dialogue of Billy Gray’s precocious Bobby Benson), the film boasts solid […]

Tom Brandau Interview

Interview by Greg Carlson In October of 2008, Minnesota State University Moorhead film studies professor Tom Brandau’s short documentary “Mr. Brown” was named best film in the Minnesota State Historical Society’s Greatest Generation Moving Pictures Film Competition. HPR Associate Film Editor Greg Carlson spoke with Brandau about his accomplishment.  The movie is available to view […]


Movie review by Greg Carlson Longtime admirers comfortable with Baz Luhrmann’s “more is more” approach to filmmaking will roll with the sweeping pageantry of “Australia,” an expansive romance that wears its heart on its sleeve in every scene.  “Australia” is a long-winded pastiche of classic Hollywood cinema, aping significant chunks of revered titles from “The […]